Romax Software R17

Electrification, Technology, Integration

R17 introduces ground breaking new capabilities in electric powertrain simulation and analysis and continues to lead the market in transmission and driveline NVH simulation, bearing contact analysis, gear technology and process integration and automation.

Electrification - for total powertrain engineering


  • Electrical machine structural modelling
  • Electric powertrain dynamic analysis

Romax Technology’s award-winning new holistic approach to the design, analysis and optimization of electro-mechanical powertrains leads to better performance prediction from the concept stage and helps avoid integration issues. Using up front NVH electro-mechanical system simulation you can quickly and confidently improve product quality, minimise cost and decrease development time.

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NVH – for Right First Time™ product quality


  • Planetary gear sideband dynamics
  • Export for acoustic analysis

Extending renowned capabilities in NVH, R17 introduces unique, validated methods for simulating sideband noise in planetary gears enabling understanding of the critical effects of manufacturing variability. New export capabilities streamline the process for predicting radiated noise. Assuring NVH performance early in the development cycle avoids problems in the prototype and manufacturing development phases.

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Bearing analysis – for detailed insight


  • Roller edge stress and rib contact analysis
  • Journal bearing modelling and simulation

Building on more than 25 years of bearing industry experience, R17 delivers major enhancements in bearing analysis for roller contact, pushing predictive capability through new technology. New, predictive, hydrodynamic simulation of journal bearings and bushings gives you the opportunity to optimise geometry within the context of the whole system. In the challenging loading environment of today’s transmissions, capturing potential bearing issues early in the development process is a major benefit.

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Gear analysis – for superior efficiency


  • Root stress analysis for flexible gears
  • FVA345 gear mesh efficiency calculation

Core capabilities in gear design and analysis are further enhanced to deliver measureable efficiency savings. Unique detailed stress analysis for modern lightweight and flexible gear designs gives you the ability to reduce safety factors with confidence. New FVA345 gear efficiency calculations take account of lubricant additives and modifiers for the benefit of gear designers and lubricant suppliers alike.

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Integration – for process optimisation


  • Enhanced duty cycle analysis

  • Automated gear design for layout optimisation

The batch processing functionality is the gateway to process automation and optimisation. Improved performance for analyses with large numbers of load cases is available in R17. This makes in-depth durability investigations efficient and repeatable giving you confidence in your designs for real world drive cycles. Automated gear design allows multiple layout variants to be studied and compared, speeding up the initial concept selection development phase.

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The R17 release of the Romax software suite is the most complete product simulation software platform for end-to-end integrated whole-system design and analysis of transmissions, drivetrains and electric powertrains.

Complete System

An increased understanding of drivetrain behaviour through consideration of all component deformations, contacts and interactions.

Complete Solution

Simulation, analysis and optimisation for NVH, efficiency and durability, of mechanical drivetrains and electro-mechanical powertrains.

Complete Process

An integrated platform that streamlines development through interworking with other Romax software products and through partnerships with other industry-leading simulation tools.