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Affordable CMS

Affordable CMS based on Internet of Things (IoT)

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Monitoring services with
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Flexible cloud-based
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Welcome to ecoCMS

ecoCMS is an innovative wind turbine condition monitoring system from Romax InSight. Drawing on years of experience in wind turbine drivetrain design, engineering and condition monitoring, Romax has combined cloud-based software technology with affordable hardware to create an enabling solution for Predictive Maintenance.

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Seemless integration with fleet Monitor

Seamless integration with Fleet Monitor software

Fleet Monitor is a unique hardware-independent software platform for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

ecoCMS data is analysed and accessed through the Fleet Monitor web application – Fleet Monitor modules range from dashboard views for top level alarms and trends, through to detailed vibration analysis tools for the expert analyst.

World class monitoring services

Romax continuously analyses vibration and SCADA data from many gigawatts of assets worldwide. We provide routine condition monitoring services for a large number of global operators and utilities from our Monitoring Centres around the world using Fleet Monitor software.

Typical monitoring services include:

  • Routine vibration and SCADA analysis
  • Exception reporting
  • Regular support including expert interpretation and recommendations
  • Troubleshooting and failure root cause investigation
Hardware independent CMS

Hardware-independent solution for
monitoring third-party CMS

It is common for wind farm owners and operators to run a diverse portfolio of wind farms with many different turbine types and CMS vendors. Fleet Monitor software takes data from these systems alongside data from ecoCMS and provides a single scalable platform for consistent analysis and reporting. Hardware independence means you do not need a large team of monitoring engineers handling multiple pieces of software – delivering a significant cost and time saving.


Your journey to self-monitoring

If you are currently looking to outsource condition monitoring due to lack of expertise and appropriate tools, but would like to bring it in-house in the future then Romax can help. Our easy to use Fleet Monitor software combined with knowledge transfer programs and tailored training mean you can begin the journey to self-monitoring with ease. All the while knowing that our skilled engineers will be available as second-line support to ensure a seamless transition.


Fault detection using ecoCMS and Fleet Monitor Software

Planet bearing fault detection using ecoCMS

Main bearing fault detection using ecoCMS

FieldPro mobile

Integration with your service and inspection data

Field Pro is a mobile application for improving the speed, quality and consistency of wind turbine servicing and inspections. Data from Field Pro is integrated with information from ecoCMS, third party condition monitoring systems and other operational data in Fleet Monitor to improve diagnoses and decision making.

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