Create and analyse drivetrain systems and gearboxes

RomaxWIND was specifically created for the design, analysis and certification of geared and direct-drive wind turbine drivetrains.

Complete Process

End-to-end process integration from concept design
to detailed analysis, optimization and DNV GL

Total Solution

Design, analysis and multi-target optimisation for NVH, efficiency and durability

Whole System

Complete model considers all system interactions from concept level to detailed, and simultaneously optimises for durability, efficiency and NVH

Our unique software, RomaxWIND, enables you to create and analyse drivetrain systems and gearboxes, and then accurately simulate their behaviour and performance to ensure you get the optimum final design. 


Our track record includes;

  • Nine major wind energy manufacturers use Romax multi-megawatt designs
  • 38 wind gearbox designs using Romax software have received certification from industry bodies within a four-year period
  • RomaxWIND is the only engineering software awarded DNV GL certification for its gear and shaft calculation methods and reporting



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“Looking back over the last five years working with Romax Technology, I can clearly see how Romax has developed in significantly raising the quality of gearbox design.” - Dr. Karl Steingroever, DNV GL

“We are very pleased to have the expertise of Romax on our team as we move through the design, fabrication, and testing of the gearbox for our dynamometer upgrade.”  - Jim Green, NREL

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