Integrating design and analysis


More accurate modelling and positioning of components


Create, update and share detailed models quickly and easily


Make informed decisions earlier


We embed, integrate and interface with your existing software tools

Improve collaboration through seamless, streamlined integration of CAD modelling and CAE analysis.

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“We modelled inRomaxDESIGNER and could switch easily to CAD FUSION. CAD FUSION was extremely helpful.”
-Technische Universität Darmstadt


 “We are really excited about the 3D CAD meshing features in CAD FUSION. The capabilities are really powerful, and I don’t know of anything else in the market which allows you to tie together CAD and advanced CAE in such an impressive way. Romax really are leading the field.”
- A major automotive OEM

Import from CAD

Import gears, shafts, housings and complex rotating components from 2D or 3D CAD geometry (STEP/IGES and all major CAD packages) into RomaxDESIGNER, RomaxWIND or CONCEPT.

Free Edit/Create Geometry

Work with 2D or 3D geometry to edit as required or draw from scratch. 

Intelligent Feature Recognition and Model Healing

Automated repair and defeaturing of over-complex or poor quality models; conversion of shaft features into stress concentration factors.

3D Meshing

Create, edit, repair, defeature and automatically mesh complex 3D CAD geometry such as 3D planet carriers, differential shafts, gear blanks, housings etc.

Export to CAD

Create CAD models (single components to whole gearboxes) from Romax geometry, with a configurable level of CAD model detail.

Manufacturing Drawings

Create 2D component engineering drawings for manufacturing purposes. 

Model Comparison

Detailed report of all component positions, relative to gearbox and shaft datums, for easy comparison with master CAD model.

Gear Data

Import detailed gear macro geometry from third party tools into RomaxDESIGNER and export gear data for manufacturing.

From concept to detailed design, CAD FUSION facilitates a fast, reliable, repeatable process to transfer 2D and 3D geometry between Romax software and CAD packages for faster modelling, reduced errors and improved quality.

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CADFUSION Product Flyer

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Export your models from RomaxDESIGNER into CAD FUSION and other CAD packages

5 speed transaxle model in RomaxDESIGNER

5 speed transaxle model in RomaxDESIGNER

5 speed transaxle model in CAD FUSION

5 speed transaxle model in CAD FUSION

5 speed transaxle model in SolidWorks

5 speed transaxle model in SolidWorks

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