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    Romax has extensive experience in providing engineering services across automotive, wind energy, aerospace, off-highway and rail industries.

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Romax has extensive experience in providing engineering services across automotive, wind energy, aerospace, off-highway and rail industries.

Romax has a unique blend of multi-disciplined teams with experienced specialists as well as advanced whole system design, simulation and monitoring tools that can add value to clients at any stage of the concept, design and development cycle.

The services we are offer include:     


As a world leading provider of solutions to automotive, wind energy, aerospace, off-highway and rail industries, Romax is the perfect partner to deliver engineering, monitoring and operational experience and knowledge to your business.

You can be confident that you will receive industry leading, technology enabled consultancy from a company that has been a trusted partner to the leading organizations across the industries we serve. Romax will not only work with you to develop and deliver critical information, on which you can base your sound commercial and technical decisions and to determine how to use a combination of services and software to move forward most effectively, but can help you operationalize our recommendations. We will support you across your product and program lifecycle.


We pride ourselves on our independent status. We have no vested interests or loyalties to other organisations in the industry. This means we can deliver impartial advice based on accurate, unbiased information that will help develop improve operational efficiency, reduce failures and cost, increase quality and revenue.

International Network

As a successful international organisation operating for over 20 years across eight countries, Romax has developed a network of global contacts to keep us informed of the unique characteristics of local markets. This allows us to be your local expert whilst maintaining a global outlook and providing you with direct access to key contacts and information on the ground.


The breadth and depth of our knowledge allows us to provide a wide range of strategic consultancy services from technical knowledge to inform product development, to research and management of potential suppliers to ease the supply chain.

Our consulting offerings include;

Technical consulting

Strategic consulting

  • Design assessment
  • Detailed simulation
  • COE analysis
  • Drivetrain analysis
  • Large bearing analysis
  • Manufacturing due diligence
  • Asset management
  • Knowledge gaps
  • Market research
  • Supplier feasibility & assessment
  • Supply chain management
  • Process improvement
  • Resource support
  • Knowledge gaps
  • Market research
  • Supplier feasibility & assessment
  • Supply chain management
  • Process improvement
  • esource support


Our design services are delivered through a combination of highly experienced engineering team and industry leading concept and design simulation software. The design services we offer assist market entrants with the development of new driveline, drivetrain, sub assembly and component products, and industry leaders with the specialist knowledge to overcome their concept and design challenges and improve their design process.

Our engineering team is recognised by leading organisations in the industry for their exceptional technical understanding and innovative problem solving approach. We work alongside you to develop products according to your specification.

Key benefits                                   

  • Improve concept and design stages to increase the competitive advantage of products
  • Reduce the time and cost of product development
  • Enable sophisticated modelling and calculation at the concept stage
  • Accurately simulate complex system interactions at the design stage
  • Optimise system performance
  • Maximise product robustness


Forensic Engineering

Romax's expertise is doesn't stop at developing best in class driveline, drivetrain, sub assembly and component products, we leverage our deep expertise in designing high quality drivelines and drivetrains to inspecting drivelines to determine faults, identifying failure modes and potential failures and analysing the root cause of problems with the end goal of optimising asset performance and extending operational life. By combining our design excellence and engineering capabilities we offer a world class independent engineering service.

Our services include the inspection and analysis of whole systems, drivelines, drivetrains, subassemblies and components across automotive, wind energy, aerospace, off-highway and rail industries.


Design review

Integral to the Romax design process, review and optimisation ensures components meet design, manufacture and certification requirements. By identifying the design possibilities and refining performance against key criteria, true optimisation is possible; and with Romax's products it's fast.

At Romax, optimisation is exploring the parameters of design within certain criteria to ensure the final design is the best it can be. We optimise new or existing designs against technical, manufacturing or certification requirements - as directed by our clients and in consultation with our design experts.

To truly optimise a design we can rationalise each design decision from the initial concept. We also understand the importance of taking into account all of the influences that affect the success of the final product, particularly manufacturing tolerances and capabilities. At Romax, we strive to achieve the perfect balance between the design possibilities and the manufacturing realities.




New ideas for wind farm monitoring

Condition monitoring systems (CMS) are becoming the norm on many wind farms, particularly offshore. However, not all condition monitoring systems are capable of detecting faults effectively and not all operators have the engineering resource or know-how to maximise their potential.

Romax offer a high-value wind farm monitoring service to enable faults to be detected early and effectively. This, in turn, enables more intelligent data-driven maintenance planning and cost reduction to be realised.

Our wind farm monitoring service can be customised to meet your needs depending on the types of available data - the maximum benefit is delivered when we utilise our InSight software platform to integrate the analysis of SCADA, CMS, maintenance and inspection data. We offer a range of options from monthly reporting right up to 24/7 monitoring, delivered through our global monitoring teams in Europe, USA and Asia.

Condition monitoring solutions

Through collaboration with our hardware manufacturing partners we provide turnkey solutions for drivetrain condition monitoring.

From vibration monitoring hardware through to integration with oil particle counters and sensors on the turbine, Romax deliver the technologies you need to accurately diagnose and predict the future health of your drivetrain.

InSight monitoring services

  • Outsourced health monitoring services across the globe (utilizing InSight software)
  • Flexible reporting and alarm notification as required
  • One-off and full fleet health assessments

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