Romax Winter Webinar Series

Welcome to the Romax Technology Winter Webinar Series. We are delighted to bring to you a series of webinars and workshops that feature the latest technical developments in line with emerging industry trends. This series aims to specifically target your design and analysis challenges and ultimately highlight how you can maximise your potential with the Romax Software Suite.

Meeting the demands of our customers is our highest priority. We’ve taken on board the challenges faced by many, and devised a comprehensive series that is specifically tailored to meet these requirements.

In an era where adaptability is one of the most important qualities, make sure you stay at the forefront of modern technology with Romax

Advanced Bearing Technology

Romax was founded by world-leading bearing expert Dr. Peter Poon MBE, and innovation in bearing technology has therefore always been at the heart of our software and services. From concept level initial bearing selection and modelling, all the way through to detailed design of internal geometry, advanced analysis, and optimisation for user-specified targets such as cost, efficiency or durability, Romax’s holistic simulation approach ensures that bearings are accurately and reliably analysed, considering all system interactions.  

Supporting our software developments, our consulting team have a wealth of experience investigating all aspects of bearing selection and failures across a wide range of industries and applications, whilst our R&D team explore new methods to predict advanced bearing phenomena caused by novel transmissions.  

In this webinar series, you will be introduced to Romax’s advanced bearing simulation technology. We will demonstrate new features such as the enhanced roller contact model, which provide unrivalled accuracy, robustness and analysis speed particularly under extreme load conditions. The series will showcase capabilities which enable our users to reduce development time, save cost, and improve overall system performance.  

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