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Wind Turbine Technical Symposium

Location: Breckenridge, Colorado
Date: 12-13 September 2017

Wind Turbine Technical Symposium

The Romax InSight Wind Turbine Technical Symposium is a two-day event exclusively for owners, engineers, operators, technicians and researchers looking to advance their turbine drivetrain expertise and use this knowledge to manage their assets more effectively and efficiently.

Why is my gearbox failing?

What are the serial failure issues on my equipment?

How are my industry peers reducing their costs?

No OEMs, no exhibition and no sales pitches. Keep up to date with the latest issues and benefit from experienced engineers imparting their knowledge. Understand your fleet’s health better, optimise spend on maintenance and minimise the risk of failures of turbine drivetrain components.

Agenda extends to specific model failures, life extension, lubrication, design upgrades, pitch/yaw, gearbox and generator, and predictive maintenance

Don't miss the most relevant event this year for turbine reliability.



The symposium will take place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in the famous town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Map of the area and local information:


Technical agenda from Romax InSight engineers: 

  • Pitch and yaw bearing technical overview
  • Failure root cause findings for pitch and yaw bearings
  • Wind turbine drivetrain technical overview
  • The annual review of failures and features of major gearboxes in the North American market
  • A case study on repowering. How to make financial decisions around failure rates
  • Gearbox remanufacture - What is critical to quality? How to ensure quality?  Design upgrades + ROI
  • Design upgrades and ROI
  • Impact of maintenance strategies on O&M costs
  • My gearbox is certified for 20 years, why did it break after 8?
  • Component life extension
  • Measuring and controlling rotor loads to reduce drivetrain stress
  • Turbine performance analysis to identify drivetrain issues

Invited speaker topics: 

  • Lubrication analysis - “What the tests are telling you”
  • Analysing and interpreting OEM data to solve gearbox problems and move from reactive to proactive
  • RCA of Insacoat bearing failure in Indar Generator used in Mitsubishi 2.4 MW fleet
  • Three steps to increase the ROI for your CMS retrofit
  • Solving reliability problems on wind turbines

Sept 11th : Free pre-conference workshop:

Attend the pre-conference workshop for a crash course in vibration and lubricant analysis. Test drive InSight Fleet Monitor TM for the full integration of all site operational data into one cloud hosted solution.  Get a chance to play around with Field Pro, a service and inspection software and talk to the team.

Enjoy pre-conference drinks at a local Craft Brewery


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NOTE: This is a closed door event for employees of companies that own or finance turbines, including utilities, electric power holding companies, IPPs, financial institutions and investment firms



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