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    Pioneering new ways of maximising sustainable wind energy yields. Our products and services optimise asset availability, wind turbine performance and drivetrain reliability. We work with owners, operators, manufacturers, insurers and service providers worldwide.

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"We chose to work with Romax Technology because of their experience both globally and in China, and their capability to demonstrate their fast growth and progress in the wind energy sector, especially their proven knowledge and skills within wind turbine gearbox design and development."

Wind industry solutions

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Wind Energy

Pioneering new ways of maximising sustainable wind energy yields

Romax offer turn-key solutions for drivetrain design; engineering and strategic consultancy; solutions for drivetrain health management and drivetrain simulation software.

Our aim is to address the entire product lifecycle to maximise drivetrain reliability and reduce cost of energy from wind power.

We employ some of the industry's brightest minds including strategic thinkers, technology innovators, experienced engineers and world leading software specialists. We have been developing and supplying innovative simulation tools and services for drivetrain, gearbox and bearing design plus analysis and certification to many leading OEMs, owners and operators for over 20 years.

Romax has a worldwide reputation in the wind energy market for its ability to maximise wind energy yields and power production by optimising wind turbine drivetrain performance and reliability.

As well as providing the wind turbine industry with a comprehensive range of design services for the development and manufacture of gearboxes, bearings and complete drivetrain systems, Romax has also developed an extensive range of turbine performance and condition monitoring software tools and services. Tools that provide wind farm owners and operators with both diagnostic and prognostic intelligence to facilitate predictive maintenance regimes.

Romax is the world's leading independent designer of wind turbine drivetrains and gearboxes, developing 29 designs ranging in capacity from 750 kW to 6 MW plus.

As of today, our designs have been licensed to over ten of the world's leading wind turbine and gearbox manufacturers. In addition Romax offers a custom design service. Romax designs go through certification and the company has obtained GL A-DA certification for its gearbox designs.

We work with our clients and partners together to tackle the technical challenges facing the industry and broaden our knowledge and experience.

For wind energy, Romax provides a range of solutions covering:

  • Drivetrain design
  • Engineering and strategic consultancy
  • Solutions for drivetrain health management
  • Drivetrain simulation software

Delivering global technical expertise as a trusted partner for some of the world's leading organisations to maximise return on investment

Romax is committed to applying technical innovation to improving reliability and profitability of current and new generation multi megawatt wind turbines and is pioneering advances in medium speed gear boxes.

Romax's unique approach, which is supported by technical staff including metallurgists, gearbox and bearing experts, experienced turbine inspection teams, engineering analysts and condition monitoring engineers, results in effective technical solutions to turbine inefficiencies and failures.

Our can do attitude and exceptional consulting services mean we are perfectly placed to supply a solution dedicated to achieving excellence whilst pushing the boundaries of engineering knowledge.

Genuine Innovation

Providing solutions for the leading manufacturers and operators in the industry that build on success of the past and shape the engineering future.

Technical Heritage

20 years of experience across automotive, aerospace and off highway industries and vast experience in wind energy makes us experts in understanding mechanical issues across applications.

Trusted Partner

Selected by leading organisations to support them in market entry and product development - repeatedly.

Global Company

Providing global technology delivered locally via our 10 offices across the world, matched to your needs.

Owners and operators

Romax supports wind asset owners and operators with a range of products and services developed to maximise sustainable energy yields by optimising the balance between turbine and component performance and operational costs.

For utilities we offer our InSight software platform as a stand-alone solution providing your asset management and monitoring teams with precise diagnostic and prognostic intelligence as well as unified visualisation of condition and performance across your wind fleet.

For independent power producers (IPP's) we combine our software platform with bundled services including 24/7 worldwide monitoring by our dedicated, expert team of wind turbine condition and performance analysts.

Investors and insurers

Whether investing in or insuring wind energy technologies, an existing wind farm or considering merger or acquisition targets, Romax offers over two decades unparalleled experience in technical and strategic due diligence.

With a worldwide footprint and strong presence throughout China, India and Korea, Romax has unique knowledge of the Asian manufacturing base and offer investors and insurers expert insight to all major OEM's design, manufacturing, installation, operating and maintenance strategies and capabilities. When things have gone wrong we offer impartial and expert advice in order to resolve matters quickly.

Romax is completely independent and we will work exclusively in your best interests to understand the risks associated with the deal or technology you're considering as well as identifying the steps necessary to reduce these risks to levels you find acceptable.


As global specialists in the design and analysis of rotating machinery,   Romax provides a full range of services for the development, manufacture and maintenance of wind turbine gearboxes, bearings and complete drivetrain systems.

Romax's GL Certified multi megawatt gearbox designs have been selected by over nine major manufacturers for their proven durability. Providing full designs as well as manufacturing support, Romax works in partnership with its clients allowing them rapid technical advances in wind gearbox manufacturing capability.

Whether you are a new market entrant developing your first wind turbine, an existing component manufacturer looking to diversify or an existing player looking to improve your design process or overcome your design challenges, then Romax can help.


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