Romax Isight Component

Seamlessly integrate RomaxDESIGNER driveline analysis models within an Isight study or optimisation

The Romax Isight component enables analysts to effortlessly integrate detailed driveline models within an Isight process in order to take advantage of its advanced automation, integration and optimization capabilities.

What is Isight?

Isight is a powerful tool for effectively and efficiently managing simulation-based design processes. You can use Isight to model multi-step simulation and engineering data analysis processes and to automate the execution of these processes. Isight can repeatedly execute the process under the control of a process component (e.g., Monte Carlo component, Optimization component) to explore a design space.

Isight Processes

The dedicated and easy to use RomaxDESIGNER component enables Isight processes such as Design of Experiments and Six-Sigma reliability and robustness studies to be integrated into RomaxDESIGNER analyses, increasing confidence in your designs for real world duty cycles. 

Integrate with Other Software

The Romax Isight component allows integration with many other third party software tools enabling automatic mapping of input and output parameters, improving process automation and decreasing development time. Common tools which can be included within an Isight study include Excel, MATLAB, CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, plus many others. 


Improved File Accessibility

The automatic file handling within Isight allows input and output files, such as PDF reports and RomaxDESIGNER models to be saved for each design iteration. These files can then be easily accessed in the results window with a single click, facilitating a detailed comparison between designs.

The Romax Isight component is freely available to all Romax Enterprise users.

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